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Yes, we do! All cleaning products used will be non-toxic and eco-friendly. Perfect for keeping young children and pets safe.

We highly recommend you be there for the cleaning service so the cleaner may have the opportunity to do a walk-through with you. However, if you choose to be away for the service, please let us know how to enter your home.

At Soleil, we typically send one cleaner to your home. However, for larger homes we would send two cleaners.

Yes! At Soleil, we send the same cleaner for repeat services. Since they are already familiar with your home environment.

If there is a fee for parking, that will be added onto your total cost for our service. While booking a service with us, it is required that you inform us about parking arraignments.

We will arrange a phone call between you and the cleaner to discuss this matter. We do have a guarantee that if you call us within 24hrs after your service, we will come back and clean the missed spot.

You are able to cancel anytime. There are no fees applied for cancellation prior to 24hrs before the service. Otherwise, there will be a 50% cancellation fee.

Yes! All cleaners have taken both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine.